1. Royal Botanical Gardens:

- Fresh fruit salad

- Assorted sandwiches or wraps

- Cheese and crackers

- Vegetable crudités with dip

- Homemade granola bars or energy balls


2. Mrs Macquaries Chair:

- Picnic-style fried chicken

- Mini savory pastries or sausage rolls

- Caprese skewers with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil

- Mediterranean mezze platter with hummus, pita bread, and olives

- Individual fruit tarts or mini cupcakes for dessert


3. Centennial Parklands:

- BBQ-grilled burgers or hot dogs

- Pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese

- Watermelon slices or fruit skewers

- Gazpacho or chilled soup

- Chocolate-dipped strawberries for a sweet treat


4. Balmoral Beach:

- Sushi rolls or sushi platter

- Seafood salad with shrimp or crab

- Quinoa or couscous salad with roasted vegetables

- Mini pavlova or meringue nests with fresh cream and berries

- Refreshing watermelon lemonade or iced tea


5. Bondi Beach:

- Fish tacos with slaw and avocado

- Freshly made guacamole with tortilla chips

- Chickpea salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and feta

- Coconut water or fresh fruit smoothies

- Frozen grapes or fruit popsicles for a refreshing dessert


6. Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden:

- Mediterranean-inspired antipasto platter with cured meats, cheeses, and marinated vegetables

- Stuffed vine leaves or dolmas

- Quiche or frittatas with seasonal vegetables

- Lemon bars or citrus-infused cookies

- Sparkling lemonade or infused water with mint and cucumber


7. Barangaroo Reserve:

- Gourmet sandwiches or sliders

- Asian-inspired rice paper rolls or summer rolls

- Edamame beans or vegetable spring rolls

- Freshly squeezed juices or fruit-infused water

- Fruit skewers with a coconut yogurt dip


8. Hyde Park:

- Gourmet picnic wraps with assorted fillings

- Caprese pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil

- Freshly baked bread or baguette with flavored butters or spreads

- Individual fruit pies or hand pies

- Sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice or herbal iced tea


9. Nielsen Park:

- Shrimp or chicken skewers marinated in herbs and spices

- Quinoa salad with grilled vegetables and feta cheese

- Charcuterie board with cured meats, artisan cheeses, and dried fruits

- Mini cheesecakes or fruit parfaits for a sweet ending

- Bottled fresh fruit smoothies or infused water with citrus and berries


10. Newport Beach:

- Greek Salad

- Grilled vegetables and halloumi skewers

- Mediterranean flatbread or pita pockets with falafel and tzatziki sauce

- Mini fruit pies or tarts from a local bakery

- Freshly squeezed citrus juice or iced tea with a twist of mint


Remember to pack everything in appropriate coolers or containers to keep the food fresh and enjoyable throughout your picnic at each location.



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