We took the kids yesterday to Darling Harbour to say goodbye to Harbourside. Let's be honest, they have no idea what it is - there was ice cream, and that's what really matters. I remember coming to Harbourside for many 18 / 21st parties in my day in the early 2000s (ok, now I feel old) and it was always a fun starting point before venturing off into the city. Can not believe this was built in 1988. Also part of the important year ( the official year of the bicentenary of the founding of Australia) with a lot of iconic projects that were erected; SFS and monorail to list a few. Well now, the exciting time has come for it to be gone, and made new. To view what Mirvac's vision is for the new development check it out here https://harbourside.mirvac.com/the-project

Harbourside Darling Harbour

Most likely it's sunny everywhere right now in Australia which is probably why you are buying our bucket hats. Thank you, Thank you!!! It amazes me now, how many neutral, earthy tones there are out there in the cotton canvas material for bucket hats. Sure, they may be cheaper, but not one I have seen that has a pattern on the other side to be used as reversible, just saying!

Country Road Bucket Hat

We have been in sample city, trialing out new colours across all our products and we just can not wait to share with you for 2023.

Harpertini Colour Swatches Harpertini Colour Swatches

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