If you have not already seen either via fashion week or British and Paris Vogue, that that the trend 'pop of red' is still going strong.

Not only by adding a pop of red to your home, ie a striking occasional chair, you could also add edge with a bright red bold lipstick to any simple outfit. I am pretty sure you don't even have to go out shopping for the colour, perhaps you have something red hung up or tucked away that you completely forgot about. 

If you do not want to commit to the wardrobe department, accessories might be an easier commitment and perhaps not so damaging to your bank account. Whether it is an oversized harpertini bag for a striking add or adding a pair of Adidas Sambas in red to your monochrome look, slip on loved heart socks with ballet flats from Ithaka, protect your face from the sun with our subtle You Beauty Caps or add a touch of silk, either which way you go...this will be a successful way in adding a "pop of red" statement to your day.

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