Before I had kids I loved heading out with teeny tiny hand bags, enough to hold a lipstick and a phone. Nowadays since phones are nearly the size of a 1990s calculator and a mother of two, storage, space and size (WOW, the three S’S) is all I look for these days. The amount of times I need to quickly pack for multiple adventures with very little time, space and room in bags is all that matters. And Yes, Size does Matter!I Why do we call this bag oversized? Sounds obvious to me, but I am happy to explain.

Tell me one person who doesn’t have too much to do in a day? Parent or no parent. Single or not single. Male or female. While small tiny bags are always liked for minimal style it really doesn’t hit the mark on the reality of what one person requires, especially in a busy, active daily routine.

Back in the day my small bag (yes now I am starting to sound like a fossil) would just hold one essential, a lipstick, some tissues…that’s it! I also had other bags for other occasions ie for gym and for work, but I won’t bore you with what was in those.  But now, everyday essentials such as SPF sunscreen, lip balm, essential oils, sanitiser (hello, we are in a pandemic still) is what most health conscious  peeps pack to feel prepared in order to conquer their days. Throw in a quick session at pilates, and then off to work, squeezing in picking up a few groceries before school pick up is why minimising multiple bags to the one bag is not only saving the environment by reusing one item over and over again but overtime you will surprise yourself on how organised you have become. Throw in some kids adventures or a picnic and then your friends will really call you Mary Poppins.

Do I need to keep explaining? Read our reviews on our site and see why our customers choose Oversized.

Jo xx


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